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Supporting our local community for a brighter future

At Autex Acoustics® we believe that to be an active part of our community we need to support those within it

Community initiatives

Women in Design and Construction

Women in Design and Construction (WIDAC) is on a mission to connect and inspire women within the design, construction, and related industries. Through hosting events, workshops, programs, and initiatives across Australia, WIDAC aims to create change by empowering women who have been traditionally under-represented in male dominated industries.


Archisoccer is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes diversity, equality, health and well-being within Melbourne’s architectural community through a mixed gender social soccer league. Archisoccer are passionate about giving the architectural community a social platform to reduce stress, promote exercise, and reconnect with colleagues and industry peers outside of the working environment.

Dance for Life

Dance for Life brings Australia’s vibrant architecture and design industries together for one extravagant night of dance, creativity, and fun—all in the name of raising funds and awareness for ReachOut Australia. ReachOut is dedicated to supporting young Australians with resources, practical tools , and a safe place to talk about mental health, with the goal to lower suidicde rates across Australia.

Disability Sport & Recreation

Disability Sport & Recreation helps Victorians with disabilities live happier, more active lives. Collaborating with sport and active recreation providers, they make sure Victorians with disabilities have equal opportunities to meaningfully engage in the sports and recreational activities of their choice.



Penguin Foundation

The Penguin Foundation raises funds to protect and enhance Phillip Island’s natural environment through research, conservation, and education programs. Phillip island supports significant native vegetation communities and wildlife populations as well as international migratory bird species within its woodland, wetland, and coastal environments. Penguin Parade, located on Phillip Island, allows visitors a chance to experience the penguins up close and personal—whether that be through their self-guided viewing options or a personalised ranger-guided tour.

Penguins Parade’s newly refurbished visitor’s centre features a range of interior acoustic products.


Vodafone Warriors

Based at Mount Smart Stadium, the Vodafone Warriors came to life on Friday, March 10, 1995, and stands alone as New Zealand’s biggest and oldest professional sporting franchise. As owners, sponsors, and life-long league fans, we’re passionate about seeing the team succeed.


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