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Emma Hayes

Nature collides with sophisticated acoustics

Inspired by the New Zealand landscape, Emma Hayes designs blend with Autex Acoustics to create a serene sense of nature in any space.

The perfect pairing

Bringing together exquisite patterns and industry leading acoustics, this range gives you the best of both worlds: impressive design with equally impressive performance.


A carbon neutral collection

Elegant design meets sophisticated acoustic solutions

Both Emma Hayes and Autex Acoustics have sustainability at their core, focusing on minimising their environmental footprint and battling climate change. As part of this work, sustainable product design is key to reducing the impact that the manufacturing process can have.

Sediment Forest

Eos Shadow

Nebula 2700

Nebula Mist

Vine Charcoal

Eos Blush

Modulations Shadow

Veil Rose

Lakeside Daydream

Eight new designs available


Emma Hayes

Collection overview

From the deep misty strokes of Sediment Forest to the bright flowing tones of Eos Blush, there is something for everyone in the Autex Acoustics x Emma Hayes collection. Each design has a unique style that is influenced by the lines, patterns, and details found in the natural landscape of New Zealand, that, when translated onto Cube™ and Quietspace® Panel, adds depth, character, and superior reverberated noise control.


Form: Cube™ and Quietspace® Panel | 100% polyester

Panel sizing: 2400 mm x 1200 mm, 2700 mm x 1200 mm and custom

Thickness: 12 mm & 24 mm Cube™ and 25mm Quietspace®

NRC: 0.20-0.85 & higher

Recycled content: Minimum of 60%

Fire rating: Group 1

Custom panel lengths and prints are available on request.

Features and benefits

Combining beautiful design with high performance acoustic solutions

Biophilic design

Carbon neutral

Highly durable, providing long-term stability and performance


Group 1 Fire tested

Safe, water-based, UV cured ink



Swatches featured are representative of the final product colours as close as the printing process allows. Please refer to actual samples prior to ordering.


Designed for use in a range of interior spaces

Suitable for wall and ceiling applications

Recommended for application in non-contact areas only

For full details on suitable applications, contact your specification manager


Styling Credits

Veil Rose

Carmo Corner Sofa from BoConcept

Cushions and Etch Soapstone Vessel from Città

Elle Block Oval Coffee Table from Soren Liv

George Nelson Ball and Crisscross Pear Pendants from Karakter

Flowers from Mark Antonia

Styling by Sam van Kan

Sediment Forest

Tolv Inlay Armchair from Soren Liv

Augusta Table from BoConcept

Vase from Monmouth Glass Studio

GeoMarble Sphere from Città

Styling from Sam va Kan

Vine Charcoal

Radil Dining Chair from Città

Augusta Table from BoConcept

Louis Poulsen Above Pendant from Karakter

Elle Block Plinth from Soren Liv

Thea Wide Vase from Good Thing

Glasses and Jug from Monmouth Glass Studio

Styling by Sam van Kan

Eos Blush

Artie Buffet, Soren Liv

Robert Gordon Scallop Vase, Good Thing

Floral arrangement, stylists own

Styling Sam van Kan

Eos Shadow

Princeton Bench, Bo Concept

Fountain Brass Candle holders, Good thing

Nought marble stem holder, Citta

Styling Sam van Kan

Modulations Shadow

George Nelson crisscross pear pendant and Cherner Chair from Karakter

Glass, Monmouth Glass Studio

Ralph Home Desk black, Good Thing

Styling Sam van Kan

Lakeside Daydream

Otto Vase, Citta

Element Lotus Side Table, and Kennedy Tenner Occasional Chair, Soren Liv

Rug, Mulberi

Styling Sam van Kan

Nebula Mist

Styled with the Theodore daybed from Soren Liv

Sentrum side table by WOUD design from Capricho

Ceramics by Rachel Carter.

Armadillo&Co rug from The Ivy House.

Flowers Markantonia.

Paper lantern stylists’ own.

Styling Juliette Wanty

Add a point of difference with four new finishes

Butt Join

U Channel

Spine finish

Negative Detail

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