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Team Spotlight - Rob Jones


Jan 26, 2023

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Reaching 21 years of service is a great achievement and that is why we sat down with Rob Jones, our techincal and development manager. Over his time he has seen the company grow and develop in operational size and technological capability. His contributions to our team have played a crucial role in helping Autex Acoustics® become what it is is the Australian market. Here is what he had to say:

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What roles have you occupied during your time at Autex Acoustics?


I started life at Autex Acoustics as a Carpet and Wall Coverings (Vertiface & Composition) Account Manager and eventually added Insulation to the portfolio. This role was based in Auckland, New Zealand. I was offered the role as the Market and Development Manager after around 5 – 6 years. At that point my plans changed due to the GFC.  The family and I were planning to head to the UK to help set up the Autex Acoustics operation but stayed here instead. Then in September 2011 we crossed the ditch in to help establish the Interior acoustic products in Melbourne. This was a hybrid role that encompassed a sales and marketing and technical function. 


Initially the Autex Australian operation was a hard and fast set up manufacturing predominantly thermal and acoustic insulation in the four main cities. We were pretty lean and mean staff wise and had to wear a few hats. As we shifted focus to our interior acoustic offerings and brought in more people, I was able to take on the role as the Technical Manager for the Australian operation.


What do you like about working at Autex Acoustics? 


Top of the list is our people including many of our clients. Over time many have become good friends on both sides of the ditch and still keep in touch. We are a diverse bunch that bring so many strengths. I think this gives us a great perspective and awareness of our industry and community.

What has been the biggest change you’ve witnessed over your career working at Autex Acoustics? 


It’s how we continue evolving by bringing in good people and investing in great ideas. When I started we were what I think can be described as the building industries best kept secret. Now I believe you would be hard pressed to find anyone in our industry who doesn’t know and better yet, hasn’t used our products either in the design or installation process. Come to think of it, that’s not really a change, it’s what we have always done. Keep evolving.


What is your favourite memory over your Autex Acoustics career?


How do I answer that? There are few! At the top of the list was the 50th celebrations. It was a fantastic few days of fun, camaraderie, catching up with old friends, and experiencing the great show the production team put on at the function. Another would be being given the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world and set foot in a new Autex Acoustics operation in the UK.  I was able to share some experience with a new team gearing up to take Autex Acoustics to a brand new audience. 


Finally, I’m just incredibly proud of Autex Acoustics and the opportunity they have provided. I’ve always been curious about sound from playing and mixing music to helping develop products and tools to control the acoustics of any space. I get to do what I love pretty much every day. How awesome is that! 


What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt over your career at Autex Acoustics?


No one person has all the answers, Talk with people around you as the best decisions are often made with the broadest perspective.


How do you see the acoustics industry developing over the next decade?


I think it will continue to become more mainstream as the awareness of the effects our built environment has on our well-being are increasingly understood and measured. When I started talking with clients about acoustics it was considered a nice to have. Now it’s a must have and the decisions are how much and what type of acoustic product do we need. Product selections will be made not just on how they perform but with more consideration to where and what they are made from and how they will be used or repurposed. 


Jan 26, 2023

Community, Interviews

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