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Project Spotlight: Kane Constructions Headquarters

Architect: ARM Architecture

Installer: Bach Commercial

Categories: Offices, Project

Acoustic Engineer: Marshall Day Acoustic

Builder: Kane Constructions

Account Manager: Regan Williams

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Project Spotlight: Kane Constructions Headquarters

The project

Kane Constructions is one of Australia’s most renowned and innovative construction groups, known for consistently pushing the boundaries in the building space. So when the brief for their new headquarters landed on ARM Architecture’s desk, it was clear the new space had to reflect their bold personality.


“Kane Constructions approached us because they were looking for a new workplace,” explains Tanya Hillman, workplace design lead at ARM Architecture. “They wanted to move away from the old styles of working to the new, more agile ways of interacting with each other and the space, which included creating neighbourhoods and non-allocated work positions. It was really important to them to build a workplace that would accommodate the wider team, including the employees who come back to the office in-between projects.”


Tanya adds that because Kane Constructions built the new edifice themselves, they wanted for the new space to really showcase their experience, expertise and capability. “Because of that, they gave us permission to design elements that were unconventional, a little bit more out of the ordinary,” she explains. ” As a result, a lot of the materiality and detailing is not what you would expect from a standard interior. The office boasts this unique architectural sensibility. And that was very intentional.”


The process:


Moving on from the closed-off space to a more open-plan environment required proper consideration from the acoustics point of view. However, the specified solution had to be unique in order to help the Architects bring their custom vision for Kane’s new office to life. 


“It was paramount to ensure that space was comfortable,” Tanya says. “But we didn’t want to just specify traditional, rectangular acoustic wall panels. It was critical for us to work with an acoustic solutions specialist that would rise to the challenge and work with us to bring something truly bespoke and extraordinary to life.”


ARM Architecture’s spatial design required the acoustic products to allow high-quality custom-made graphics to be printed across multiple acoustic panels, and be bent to create a striking arched ceiling.

Following a consultation with Marshall Day Acoustics, which enabled ARM Architecture to assess the requirements for the space, the studio engaged Autex Acoustics®, Australia’s leading designers and manufacturers of acoustic solutions. With their unmatched customisation and printing capabilities, the collaboration with Autex Acoustics enabled the architectural practice to truly push the envelope, and create stand-out architectural features that came to define the new space.

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The solution:

Studio Ongarato came up with a stunning repertoire of graphics that told the story of Kane Constructions through a selection of visuals thatusing an augmented sense of scaleillustrated some of the company’s most pivotal projects. The bespoke visuals were then translated by Autex Acoustics into acoustic linings that covered a significant portion of the internal wall and ceilings. 


“These graphics were printed onto Autex Acoustics’ 6 mm Cube panels,” Tanya explains. “ Autex Acoustics has a fantastic printing potential and this project really enabled them to push the limits of their capabilities. Our design required for the graphics to be printed continuously across multiple panels, so we had to work closely with the Autex Acoustics team to ensure that we got the joints absolutely perfect. At the same time, we arched and cut the Cube panels to create curves and vaulted ceilings. It was far from a straightforward solution but everyone was really happy with the outcome.” 


Autex Acoustics has always strived to help Architects and Designers push creative boundaries, and think outside the box when it comes to acoustic solutions. “Our efforts in this space really gained traction in 2021 when developing technology and expertise necessary to bring the most extraordinary concepts to life through digital print,” explains Regan Williams, National Development Manager, Autex Acoustics. This collaboration certainly shone light on the brand’s unwavering desire to push the envelope. “In combining bespoke imagery on intersecting curved ceilings, ARM Architecture’s bold vision further advanced our print capabilities and boundaries of what can be achieved” Regan says.


Shane Ryan, Bach Commercial’s project manager, adds that due to the curvature of the surfaces and highly technical character of printed designs, the installation didn’t come without its challenges.


“However, it was a highly rewarding project when viewing the final product,” he enthuses. “The partnership with Autex Acoustics was fantastic all the way through the project. As a team, we had to be quite fluid with our ideas to overcome the challenges presented in trying to achieve the consultant team’s vision for the space. I couldn’t have been happier with the final result and the collaboration with Autex Acoustics.” Regan echoes this sentiment. “We are extremely proud of our part in what is an incredible partnership, and a truly extraordinary design outcome,” he says. 

The result

As a result, the iconic vaulted ceilings at the new headquarters boast eye-catching graphics that showcase Kane Constructions’ most note-worthy projects, setting a new benchmark for what an authentic, values-driven office of the future looks like. Key to success? Teamwork and desire to challenge conventions, explains Tanya. 

“This project really was all about pushing boundaries and collaboration,” she sums up. “Kane Constructions were very involved in the design and construction process, and all of the consultant teams were very hands-on. And I think that’s why the outcome was so superbeveryone was committed and shared the same vision for what would be a game-changing workplace fit-out.”

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