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Autex confirms successful bid for joint ownership of Vodafone Warriors

Community, New Zealand

May 07, 2018


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Autex Supports New Zealand Rugby League as Joint owners of the Vodafone Warriors

A longstanding supporter of the New Zealand Rugby League community – Autex Industries – has today confirmed it will be a joint owner of the Vodafone Warriors, alongside the Carlaw Heritage Trust.


The announcement, which comes after months of speculation around the rugby league club’s commercial future, was made today at a media conference led by Vodafone Warriors CEO – Cameron George, Autex Industries CEO – Mark Robinson, and Carlaw Heritage Trust Chair – Cameron McGregor.


Robinson confirmed the business will own a 33% stake in the Vodafone Warriors, with Carlaw Heritage Trust holding a 67% share of the NRL club.


On the bid, Autex Industries CEO – Mark Robinson, says: “This is the opportunity of a lifetime for Autex. It’s not about ego or owning something, it’s about the people. We’ve always looked after our community and our own backyard. Rugby league and our role in it is just part of that. This is about doing the right thing and doing it properly for the good of the players, the good of the game, and the good of the future of the Vodafone Warriors.”


The successful bid marks a new chapter in the continued support of New Zealand rugby league and its sporting community by both the business and the Robinson family, who have backed participation and competition in the sport for more than 30 years.


David Robinson, the founder of Autex Industries and father of Mark Robinson, had a passion for rugby league and under his leadership, Autex became the first NZ business to sponsor a national sports team, investing $100,000 in the Kiwis back in 1979.

Home away from home

In 2015, Autex donated Autex House – a home away from home for up-and-coming young Warriors players which provides up to five players at a time with a high-performing environment and structure around daily routine, ensuring players focus on health, nutrition, preparation, rest and recovery during the season. This year alone, 19 players have benefited from Autex House.


Mark Robinson, continues: “We are committed to fostering home-grown talent and building stronger rugby league sporting communities on New Zealand soil. Investing in the nation’s NRL team is a natural step for Autex and we look forward to supporting and empowering CEO Cameron George as he continues to positively lead the Vodafone Warriors forward through the current season and the seasons ahead.”


Beyond Autex’s historical support of NZ rugby league, there is also a familial connection between the Autex CEO and McGregor – their respective fathers both partnered to broker the original sponsorship of the national rugby league team back in the seventies.


In addition to established networks of support in grassroots rugby league in New Zealand, Autex Industries also has a strong business footprint both here and across the Tasman, with operations in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. The business also has sales and distribution across North America, the United Kingdom, and South East Asia.

Community, New Zealand

May 07, 2018


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